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With your donation, you help ensure that everyone living with hearing loss has the support that they need to stand up for their rights. At Hear Québec, we believe that the world is ready for a change and movement towards a more inclusive society. When you transform one life, you transform a community. 

“I belong to a Book Club which I greatly enjoy, and we now meet regularly by Zoom. However, it was very hard to hear people’s comments on this platform. I plucked up my courage and spoke up about my problem and the positive experiences I have had with captioning with Hear Québec’s programming. I suggested trying captions at our next meeting, and it was arranged to try them. They made a world of difference! Now I can take part properly in the discussions and contribute more fully. This is only one small example of making others aware of a difficulty which can be eased. Don’t be afraid to speak up - you’ll be surprised at the response! I am now an enthusiastic advocate” - Margaret Wallace, Hear Québec member 

We see our role with our members as supporting, informing, and inspiring them to be self and informal individual advocates for the change that they want to see. Hearing loss is considered a hidden and often misunderstood disability. With your contribution, you help prepare and encourage all of our members to go into their communities and create change by educating others about hearing loss and advocating for their needs, such as pushing for the distribution of accessible face masks. We are building lifetime advocates, and we are grateful for your support in this effort! 

With your help, we have been able to sponsor people to get their hearing tested and to help them begin to break down the stigma surrounding hearing tests and hearing loss. 

“Having your hearing tested is a very important part of overall health and wellness, but it is something we often overlook because we take our hearing for granted. There is also vanity and the stigma that can sometimes be associated with loss of hearing and getting older. Finally, with the encouragement of Hear Québec, I made an appointment and had my examination done. I give you my word, it is painless and worth the while. Protecting our ears and keeping track of our hearing health is very important. Many thanks to Hear Québec and my audiologist!” - Judy Jarvis, Hear Québec member

With your donation, you are building a community that advocates for their needs and helps break down the social stigmas that keep the hard of hearing community from thriving. We are in this fight together, and we could not do this work without your help! Thank you!

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