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At Hear Québec, we believe the world is ready for a change and that a big movement towards a more inclusive society is right around the corner. 
We are so excited to share our new Accessibility and Awareness program. The result will be that more accessible, barrier-free environments will exist for people affected by hearing loss.  Your donation will ensure the success of this program.

As you may know, many people with hearing loss isolate themselves from family, friends and activities they once enjoyed, as their hearing loss makes it harder and harder to communicate in challenging situations. Your donation will go directly to creating a compassionate and peer-centered approach, with our new Accessibility Ambassadors. You will help people affected with hearing loss get back into the conversation by learning about the accessibility measures, communication strategies and new technologies that will help them stay connected. The idea of community health workers has been around for years. We count among our membership many people who are already skilled at managing their own accessibility needs. With the right tools and support, we can leverage this ability into training accessibility ambassadors, who will then spread awareness of accessibility within their communities. 

“The support I've received over the years has been tremendous - the workshops on topics like dealing with hearing loss, where to get tested, and info on the latest resources have all been great. Where would I be without my amplified phone?!” 

Margaret Wallace - Hear Quebec Member

As an art-centric city, Montreal organizes an abundance of events and performances. However, many organizers and decision makers are not aware of the challenges individuals with disabilities are confronted with when attending an event. We have seen stories in the news before: both Natasha Luttrell and, more recently, Tom Willard experienced barriers in attending popular local events.  With your donation, we will partner with the organizers and decision makers to provide information, expertise and resources to create more inclusive events, just like we did with the Seniors with SWAG (Style, Wisdom, Attitude and Grace) event. 

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Hear Entendre Québec and the extremely valuable services they provide such as mentoring, community outreach and providing tools to address hearing loss. I am so grateful, and I can assure you that for any future events I organize, I will be reaching out to Hear Entendre Québec for their participation.” 

Ruth Pelltier, Seniors with SWAG (Style, Wisdom , Attitude and Grace)

With your gift, you are building a community that helps break down the social isolation, stigmas and barriers that can keep people with hearing loss from connecting to an inclusive environment. You ensure that people facing these challenges have the accessibility they need to thrive.

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