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With your donation, you help ensure that everyone living with hearing loss has the accessibility they need so that they feel included within their environments. When you transform one life, you transform a community.

"Our son is hard-of-hearing and we didn't realize how much he actually looks at our mouths and reads our lips while talking to him. Cloth face masks muffle our words and make it difficult to hear.” - Rina Hampartsoumian (ClearMask recipient). 

While we are all feeling the effects of the current pandemic and lockdown, many people are now experiencing the hardships those with hearing loss have always experienced; namely communication difficulties and isolation. Safety measures such as masks and outright cancellation of face-to-face activities have exacerbated such hardships especially for the 1 in 3 seniors likely affected by hearing loss and the many people with hearing loss that are now facing even more barriers than ever before at school, work and in their communities.

There is a fundamental truth that generosity inspires and connects us as a community. Together we can, with your donation, make our communities even more accessible so that everyone feels included. 

Your donation restores independence and removes barriers for people already living with hearing loss. Accessibility is the key to independence and feeling included in our society.

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Donations of $25 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.
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